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I first started researching my Family History in August 1982. My interest was initially awakened by a television news item around April 1981 which mentioned the opening to the public of the 1881 Census, and I started to wonder where my family were 100 years ago.

I spoke to my father, Aubrey Hill, who had been brought up in Buckland Brewer and who retired back to Northam a nearby village in North Devon. He told me that the family came from Langtree, another nearby village. I went to Langtree to see the vicar, as in those days the individual parish still held the parish registers, and he allowed me to see the registers. I saw various entries for some of my ancestors and that was it!

I have researched both the male and female sides of the family, but concentrated on my direct ancestors only. However, if other researchers have given me information about my indirect ancestors, then I have recorded that information.

I have started to print out my research with maps, documents and photos and lodged the books in the Society of Genealogists in London where one can find them on the family history bookshelves. So far I have printed out 10 books on the Hill family (my father’s father’s side) covering the period of 1327 to my grandfather’s death in 1977, although I am in the process of writing up my father’s story. Then I intend to write my father’s mother’s side (the Mills family), then my mother’s father’s side (the Curry family) and then my mother’s mother’s side (the Adams family).

I then intend to print out my husband’s family history, and then the family history of my children’s spouses.

My basic family tree can be found on the website and I can also be contacted through that website. 

It's all about the history

People regularly ask me about the family history I have researched. They either ask advice on how to go about conducting research, or ask specific questions on my ancestors. 

I'm happy to share my experience on either!


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