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My Family

My husband Frank (who still has his own website at was in the Army for over 34 years and we had a very exciting life moving house frequently and living all over the world. Our favourite postings were 2 years in New Zealand and another fascinating 2 years in Berlin during which time the Berlin Wall came down.
When Frank retired from the Army he became Director of the Institute of Quality Assurance which later became the Chartered Quality Institute and again I travelled with my husband to many places in the world.

Unfortunately in the last years of his life he suffered from Multiple Systems Atrophy which is a deteriorating neurological condition and he eventually died in September 2011.

We had been married for 43 years and had 5 children and as at June 2012 have 10 grandchildren.

Our eldest daughter Victoria is married to Dave, and they now live in Oxford having just come back from spending 3 years in America. She is a Director of Human Resources and they have 2 children Robert  born in 1999 and Amy  born in 2003.

Virginia lives nearby with her husband Andrew, who is a techie whiz and helps me with my computer.  Virginia runs two businesses from home: Jumble Juniors Ltd - nearly new sales for children's clothes and toys round Kent, and  Corbett Design Ltd - setting up and managing websites, including the site you are on now!  Their little girl Summer was born in December 2008. and Charlie born in March 2011.

Richard is my first boy, and he lives in London with his partner Kristen but as yet they have no children.  Richard studied computer science at university, and has since worked designing and programming computer games.

Rosalynne,  is my youngest daughter, and she lives almost opposite me with her husband Malachy, who works in finance in London.  Ros works at the local hospital while I look after their 3 children Jamie born in 2002, Jake born in 2006 and Ellie born in 2010.

(Photos: Photo Me Gorgeous)

Finally, my youngest child Chris lives with his wife Bex, who is a teacher, in Surrey.  Chris joined the army from University, where he studied business management, and reached the rank of Captain.  He has since left to work in project management in London.  Their son Oliver (Ollie) was born in 2007, their daughter Kitty in 2008 and their son Toby born in 2011.

Family matters

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